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Custom Computers and Computer Repair in Des Moines, IA!

Des Moines Computer repair, Apple repair, Cryptocurrency Miners, data recovery, home office computers and gaming pc's.  We do it all.  Contact us or stop by our shop for a quote. 

Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Imac Repair
Apple Repair

Custom Gaming Computer
Custom Computers

Hard Drive Data Recovery
Data Recovery

Arcade Repair
Arcade Repair

Cryptocurrency Miners
Cryptocurrency Miners

Check out our reviews!

Ryan F.

I wanted a custom built PC and had specific brands and parts in mind. They gave great recommendations and good all of the specific parts I wanted. Great service and super fast! I have the best/coolest PC of all of my friends by a long shot. I will be back for anything electronics related!

Grant P.

Bought a gaming PC here recently, runs really smoothly. Mike is very knowledgeable and hooked me up with exactly what I needed to run the game I was gonna be playing on it. Definitely better than anything Best Buy or other big box brands can put out

Theodore B.

Would highly recommend Venom PC. They did great work with a high maintenance data recovery job for me. Able to assist with either PC or Mac issues. Friendly staff who are committed to getting their customers great value for their work.

Bill H.

After extracting as much serviceable life out of a 14-year old computer as I possibly could and putting off getting a new one multiple times over the years, the lure of X-Plane 11 and its ultra realism and graphic beauty finally motivated me to make the move... After doing a substantial amount of research and talking to a lot of people, I came to the conclusion I did not want an out-of-the-box system -- I wanted a system truly customized my needs. I'm... uh... not what you'd call 'technologically sophisticated' by any means, so building one myself... well... that was completely out of the question. Instead, I knew I needed to find someone, somewhere, to build it for me -- and that's where Venom PC came into the picture. Everyone I asked recommended them. Everyone! To say the design process was a breeze would be an understatement. They knew all the right questions to ask, and based on my responses, made a number of suggestions intended to give me the system I desired and more. And in less than 20 minutes, we had my specs finalized. Less than a week later, my system was built and awaiting me and my new flying adventures... Now that I've had the system up and running for a week or so, I will tell you it's a dream come true... It's amazingly powerful and light years beyond what I had before [it... uh... also looks pretty sweet, too!] -- and I'm genuinely pleased and excited about it. Oh -- and something else? I really like the idea I was able to buy something locally [their storefront is less than 2 miles from my home] instead of a big box store or someone over the Internet. The staff was genuinely helpful, gracious and accommodating of all my questions. They delivered on all of their promises -- no small thing these days, in my view.

They did exactly what they said they were going to do and in the time frame they promised. The purchase process was painless [and actually a lot of fun]. The price I paid was very reasonable for what I received, very competitive and represented an outstanding value. The staff is experienced, highly-skilled and well-versed in the art of customer service. Best of all? My new system performs exactly as they said it would.


My experience with Venom PC was everything I hoped it would be -- and more. As a result, I don't hesitate in recommending them to anyone seeking a new, customized-to-me-and-my needs PC.

Thanks, guys!

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